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First class riding surfaces using Carpita Fibre


We recently installed our surface at David Thorpe's farm where our gallop is used by top all-weather jockeys.

Tom Baker, Adam Kirby, Cathy Gammon and Dermot Sweeney have all praised the quality of the surface for all-weather training. Luke Morris and Adam Kirby have recently bought from Roade Fibres too.

What our customers are saying...

Our sand based surface wouldn't drain and was riding deep. We now use Carpita Fibre which is brilliant even after lunging and is virtually maintenance free.
We are extremely pleased with our Carpita Fibre. It's available at an affordable price, very stable and an excellent surface ride. It's also very easy to maintain.
Our new arena is completely Carpita Fibre. The surface is frost resistant and is 99% maintenance free.
We have Carpita Fibre on our all weather woodchip gallop and the results are superb.
I have a complete Carpita Fibre surface which is riding really well and extremely easy to maintain.
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Roade Fibres is in the heart of England in the county of Northamptonshire.