About Roade Fibres

Roade Fibres has been producing Carpita Fibre for eight years now. The carpet is sorted by hand to ensure the best quality and we have supplied a wide variety of customers, including racehorse trainers, equestrian centres, riding schools as well as many private clients.

About Roade Fibres

The Carpita Fibre can be used in two distinct ways:

If you have a sand-based surface with is riding deep we can put two inches of Carpita Fibre over the top so that you are riding on the fibre and not on the sand. If you avoid rotavating the sand and fibre then you will have an area that is maintenance free.

The second option is to use a completely Carpita Fibre surface. This will take longer to settle but is totally maintenance free.

One of the really big advantages of our Carpita Fibre surface is that it does not freeze in Winter. We have tested on both sand and all Carpita surfaces and the results are fantastic.

If you need any advice on how Carpita Fibre can help you then please call us direct on 07801 087 950 or complete our online enquiry form.